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My ghost story, ‘Late Again’…

It’s Christmas Eve. Jane and the kids are at home and Rob has left work early, just so he won’t be late.

Of course, problematic neighbours don’t figure into his plans. Why would they? After all, the neighbours are dead.

The specially-written sci-fi short, ‘Transfer’…

Thomas can cheat fate, and live … perhaps forever, but at what cost?

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Compact it might be but this story has all you need to hold your attention. Alien spiders have devious plans to seek revenge on their old adversary the Te using other alien species to achieve their goal at any cost. The story quickly unfolds and the spiders initial control and supposed superiority over others is to be seriously tested and surprisingly turned on its head. I eagerly await further encounters.

After reading a second story by this new writer I will never be able to look at a house spider in the same way again! A good story needs to pull you into its 'web' within a few pages and this does just that: the words spin their magic and you enter this strange world a safe observer, or should I say as a fly on the wall! Very impressed.

Really unique take on the dynamic between Intelligent alien insect species. The spiders are using alien ant species as slaves and are ruthless. Highly imaginative. Recommended.

Ron Baker